People over Heroes (PoH) is a blog featuring an interview series about people who inspire me everyday. PoH aims to highlight designers, engineers, artists, friends, family...basically all my heroes.

Every single one of them is passionate and inspiring and deserves to be admired. 

As a huge fan of superheroes, the tone of the interviews will be influenced by a lot of 'geeky' references. It is all about discovering the hidden part of people through unusual funny questions, because I trust that everybody has an inner hero part.


Brief History

I decided to create People over Heroes when I moved to San Francisco.
As a designer, I admired a lot of great pixel makers and it was awesome to finally meet some of them in real life.

I've always considered them as part of my professional life since they were inspiration and motivation to me.

I learnt that these people that I admired, admired people themselves and so on...but they weren't my only source of inspiration, because beyond my passion for design, a lot of non-designers people became part of my life journey. Some of them are friends, family or co-workers, some others don't even know that I exist (yet) but they all matter to me.

So I figured that creating a place to gather my very own heroes could be a good idea:

▸ to put them into the light so the world could discover how awesome they are.

▸ to keep a record of the people who made me, who helped me becoming who I am today.

▸ to have a good time interviewing/photographing them.

I chose the superhero/hero theme because that's what they are to me.

Hero (noun) "A man/woman of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities."
Superhero (noun) "A hero, possessing extraordinary, often magical powers, wearing a distinctive costume, and fighting against evil".

According to me, anyone could be a hero. They don't have to save lives, to risk theirs everyday or to be Superman. They can be someone's hero without even knowing it! The thing that matters the most is their personality and their beliefs. 

This blog is dedicated to them...and don't forget that you could be one of them! :)

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